Photographs courtesy of Milli Maier.

The founder and creative director of her eponymous fine hair jewellery brand, Milli Maier, is set to add a touch of her feminine flair to the Devonshire Club on the 17th of February 2018. Hence, why we are honoured to showcase her exquisite and highly sought-after designs, ahead of our live presentation in 2018.

Prior to delving into the world of luxury jewellery, Milli achieved a Master’s in Economics and Entrepreneurship before being accepted into the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries; an Estonian body that unites likeminded individuals together and equips them with the knowledge and training to help them prosper.

Originally from within the Baltic States, the visionary divides her time between London and her homeland for business. This was a choice that the innovator made, in order to successfully continue to create pieces that she believes in. Which is why, when she is at home she allows herself to feel warm, secure and dreamy, to enable her creative juices to flow freely. Whilst in London, she uses the city as a tool to meet new people and expand her brand’s reach.

The inception for the label came in 2012, after the long-locked brunette wanted to redefine the notion of luxury jewellery and the ways it can be worn. With all the pieces in her collection crafted in either 18k yellow, rose, white or black rhodium gold plating and adorned in the choice of Macassar ebony or white diamonds. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that just a year later, Milli was presented with the international design award in the A’Design Award & Competition, for her multifunctional hairpin.

The brand’s signature logo of four white horns is deriving from the toroidal shape of organic energy flow and symbolises ‘since the dawn of time’.

For Milli inspiration never ceases, as she constantly finds herself inspired by the idea of carrying a message from the past and lengthening its time span, for future generations. Alongside, her admiration for the holistic healing practitioners term ‘toning’ that is the use of sound waves transmitted through the human body to normalise imbalances and synchronise the cells’ frequencies back to their natural healthy state of vibrational resonance; also influences her designs. So much so, that designer would describe Nigel Stanford’s song Cymatics, as the sound that currently represents her brand.

Moving forward, Milli wants to live by Henry Miller’s quote that the moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” As it sums up her aim, to bring continuous wonderment and awe onto onlookers who witness or come into contact with her brand.

Written by Elizabeth Pascka